ABA Therapy

Based on the science of learning and behavior, ABA intervention for autism works on
reducing maladaptive behaviors and improves skill acquisition.


Focus on increasing necessary skills and reducing behaviors that interfere with learning.

Applied Behavioral Analysis, also known as ABA, is an evidenced-based science in which procedures derived from the principles of behavior and learning are systematically applied to a meaningful degree. This data-driven process allows us to see that such procedures implemented were responsible for your child's behavior improvement. ABA therapy is a gold standard and proven intervention used to support and provide effective treatment to individuals with behavioral and developmental exceptionalities.

An important part of learning is dictated by the experiences in our children’s environment, such as the way they sit to eat a meal, get dressed in the morning, or interact with peers. Behavior is everything we do, and it is a function of its consequences. In ABA, we use research-based techniques, data collection, and analysis to implement individualized procedures to improve socially significant skills and reduce maladaptive behaviors that interfere with our day to day lives.


What ABA Can Address

  • Social &
    Emotional Skills
  • Daily Living
  • Behavior
  • Motor
  • Foundational
    Academic Skills
  • Language &

One of the most prevalent challenges for children with exceptionalities is in social and emotional skills. These encompass the customary behaviors and norms followed in a community. We believe that ABA therapy is a way to replace undesirable behaviors with desired ones, like socially valid skills. Furthermore, we value emotional wellness. Your child may have trouble expressing emotions and needs to fully grasp the concepts of emotional perception. Getting an early start with ABA therapy is best to improve these skills.

For children with exceptionalities, learning essential life skills increases independence at home, at school, and in the community. It may include self-care, personal hygiene, shopping, room organization, transportation, toileting, safety, and a lot more. Through ABA therapy, we teach your child to be as independent as he or she could be which could lead to increased self-worth and contentment.

Utilizing research-based techniques, ABA focuses on reducing socially inappropriate/maladaptive behaviors. These behaviors may prevent your child from fully participating in their environment. It can include non-age-inappropriate tantrums, aggression, elopement, vocal and motor stereotypy, and self-injurious behaviors. By understanding the purpose of these behaviors, we teach children to perform appropriate actions that allow them to attain their needs and wants.

Mainly categorized into groups: Fine and Gross Motor Skills. Fine Motor Skills encompass the coordination of movements using small muscles (e.g., fingers and toes). Gross Motor Skills involve using large muscles (e.g., arms and legs). We use these skills to help us physically navigate the world around us. Through ABA, we can pinpoint areas of deficit involving these skills and work with you to improve them.

These are basic skills that make learning possible. These skills include alphabet, phonics, and numbers, among others. Every program is individualized for your child’s needs and current level. At Mindful Sprouts, we utilize research-based, data-driven procedures that aid your child’s academic knowledge and prepares them for educational success.

Children with exceptionalities often have difficulties with expressing their needs and wants. As a result of the inability to properly communicate, children often engage in maladaptive behaviors to have their needs fulfilled or express their wants. ABA utilizes the principles of learning to teach what is known as verbal behavior.


Our Treatment Process

We believe that well-established procedures result in a high-quality service. We invest the time
needed to gather the necessary information to produce the best plan of care for all the children we serve.



Our onboarding team will contact you to gather information and documents needed for ABA intervention benefits verification and intake.



After the consultation, we will ask for authorization to carry out an initial assessment. A BCBA will then conduct the assessment upon getting an authorization, if needed.


Developing a Plan

Following the initial assessment, the BCBA will create a treatment plan based on your child’s needs to be reviewed by you. This treatment plan will then be subject to authorization before it can be implemented.


Plan Implementation

The approved treatment plan will be implemented by a Registered Behavior Technician under the supervision of a BCBA on a scheduled basis depending on the needs of your child.


Caregiver Training

Parents play a vital role in a child’s life and ABA program. This training aims to empower you, caregivers, to address challenging situations and continue reinforcing outside therapy hours.


Supervision & Evaluation

RBTs are supervised regularly and frequently by a BCBA to ensure quality services. BCBAs also utilize this time to observe and evaluate your child and help to solve problems with goals that are making slow progress.


Where We Provide Services

We implement our program in various settings for our children to generalize skills across different environments. We are committed to helping children with exceptionalities beyond the possibilities by providing services in places that best suit your child’s needs.

Home - ABA Theraphy
School - ABA Theraphy
Community - ABA Theraphy

ABA Center

“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.”
Center-based ABA services are specifically designed to provide individualized therapy and education to children with special needs, enabling them to overcome life's challenges. The center provides a structured and safe environment, created to ensure the children's growth and wellbeing, while also preparing them for a smooth transition to an inclusive natural setting.

Home IconHome

“There is no place like home.”
In-home therapy enables active family participation. It is the environment in which children are most comfortable and tend to spend most of their time. By implementing in-home services, we teach your child independence and active participation within the family dynamic. Sessions are structured in a way that incorporates goals in your child’s daily routine.

school iconSchool

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
By providing in-school support, we strive to help children learn how to independently navigate their environment while also being active participants in it. Moreover, by decreasing maladaptive behaviors in the classroom/school, we create a space for children to attend and gain the knowledge provided by their teachers.

Communication IconCommunity

“Community is about doing something together that makes belonging better.”
We pride ourselves in providing ABA intervention/therapy in community settings, such as parks, grocery stores, libraries, and restaurants, among others. These locations are full of various learning opportunities where children can play and interact with peers and adults.

I am so grateful for the Mindful Sprouts team my son has! Their commitment to my son’s progress has taken him to places I was not sure he could reach. I credit them and ABA with helping him in a way that I could not at the time we received his diagnosis.

Mindful Sprout Parent

Parkland, Florida

*Real images were not used to protect the identity of our clients.

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