About The Job

As a Speech Language Pathologist, you will provide speech language services to children and help them live their lives to the fullest. This job will play a key role in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating a broad range of communication and swallowing disorders in patients/clients. You will be thorough and communicative with the clients’ families and your team.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Evaluate, diagnose, and treat, communication and swallowing disorders. 
  • Communicate with clients to evaluate their levels of speech or language difficulty. 
  • Determine the extent of communication problems by giving standardized tests or basic reading and vocalizing tasks. 
  • Identify, create, and carry out individualized treatment plans. 
  • Work with patients to increase their ability to read and write. 
  • Teach alternative communication methods, such as sign language, to patients with limited or no speech capability. 
  • Teach patients how to make sounds and improve their voices. 
  • Work with patients to develop and strengthen the muscles used to swallow. 
  • Provide counseling to families and patients on how to cope with communication disorders. 
  • Work with people who have inappropriate pitch or tone. 
  • Help with speech cadence and fluency. 
  • Work with patients who have difficulty swallowing or eating. 
  • Perform E-stimulation when necessary. 
  • Secure patient records and perform related administrative tasks. 


Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • Licensed Speech Language Pathologist. 
  • Experience with children with various exceptionalities. 
  • Pass a background check. 
  • Enjoy working in a positive and supportive environment with others. 
  • Current state license as a Speech Therapist (Florida SLP license) 
  • Degree in Speech Therapy in an Accredited Program 
  • At least three years of relevant experience is required. 
  • BLS Certificate.